Carpet Cleaning Methods, Equipment & Procedures

Carpet CleaningEffective carpet cleaning maintenance is an ongoing commitment that requires effort and expertise applied on a regular basis. The better cleaning care you take of the carpets throughout your residential or commercial property the better they will look for longer. Having said this, the best type of carpet cleaning is professional cleaning.

Specialised carpet cleaning is the only effective way to clean on top, and deep inside the carpet all the way down to its base layer thus yielding consistent, quality results throughout the entire carpeted area. A good London cleaning company usually specialises in, and offers different types of professional carpet cleaning. The most common and widely used carpet cleaning method is known as bonnet or rotary cleaning. It is considered to be a low tech cleaning method and delivers short term, visual results i.e. it cleans the surface of the carpeted area as to improve its appearance. Rotary cleaning is done by agitation and application of specially formulated cleaning chemicals. A downside of this cleaning method is that cleaning solutions are never extracted from the carpet in full thus residue accumulates over time, bringing up the need for deep (restoration cleaning).

Rotary cleaning is also somewhat abrasive and it may void the warranty of some carpet manufacturers. Dry foam cleaning is another method which uses agitated cleaning chemicals. The machine used to apply the chemicals also extracts them, though never completely. This is a downside of dry foam cleaning as detergent residue in the carpet makes it prone to quick resoiling. Professional cleaners like Cleaners Farham in London recommend subjecting the carpet to restorative or deep cleaning after every two or three sessions of dry foam cleaning.

Dry powder cleaning is a variation of dry foam cleaning. In this case though, the cleaning is done by a specially formulated powder spread and brushed into the carpet. The powder attracts dirt and soil thus making extraction easier and more effective. This is low moisture cleaning method meaning carpets will be dry enough to walk on shortly after cleaning.  Over time synthetic powder cleaners will build up between strands, which cause the so called carpet dusting problem. In such cases, it is best to follow up with a hot water extraction aka steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning injects heated, pressurised solvents into the carpet. The cleaning solvents also contain special oils that make the cleaning process more effective. The cleaning solutions are extracted at the end of the process using the same machine. Steam cleaning is also known as deep cleaning and yields longer lasting results. Carpet steam cleaning services are widely available and affordable. Low moisture carpet cleaning is the method used when carpets need to be used right after cleaning. The process uses polymer based cleaning chemistry thus reducing drying time to a minimum.