How demanding in terms of cleaning the different types of carpets are

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Many people think that all carpet are the same while it is not the case. For instance some carpets can withstand immense amounts of foot traffic while others can’t.
Some carpet are water or fire proof while other are not, and more importantly some carpets tend to harbour harmful particles such as allergens while other don’t. Another immense difference that all carpet have in comparison to one another is that some carpets are easier to clean and maintain than others. This is why we have decided to list down the types of carpets based on their cleaning and maintain requirements and share with you Carpet Cleaning Barnes a great carpet cleaning company.

Polypropylene carpets – Polypropylene is an inexpensive material that is used for the manufacturing of carpets. According to the latest numbers approximately 85% of all carpets that are on the market are made from polypropylene. These carpets are low end carpets that are very unpretentious when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The only downside that polypropylene carpets have is that they aren’t very durable and tend to discolour and tear much more quickly than the other types of carpet. However carpets that have a mixture of polypropylene and wool fibres have proven to be much more resilient and enduring and this is why they have become the most sold carpets on the market today.

Nylon Frieze carpetsWhen it comes to carpet cleaning nylon frieze carpets are a real dream come true for people that don’t have enough time to properly clean and maintain their carpets. Nylon frieze carpets require very little cleaning and unlike polypropylene carpets don’t discolour or tear as quickly. Interior designers tend to use such carpets for area that have high levels of foot traffic. Nylon frieze carpets are also the ideal solution for area where kids gather and play as they don’t accumulate allergens and are very hard to stain and soil.

Nylon carpets – Nylon carpets are more expensive then aforementioned types of carpet but also have a longer lifespan. This type of carpets is considered to be middle class carpets and are very durable. Another pro that nylon carpets have is that they are waterproof and just like nylon frieze carpets don’t provide a safe haven for harmful particles such as dirt and allergens.

Wool carpets – Wool carpets are high-end carpets that are very capricious when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. In fact many people say that when it comes to carpet cleaning, wool carpets are a total nightmare as they require frequent cleaning and vacuuming. The cleaning set aside, no other carpet can give to your home or place of work the sophisticated look that a wool carpet gives. So all the hours that you will spend cleaning will certainly be worth if you look at things from a wider angle.

Regardless which type of carpet you choose you will also have to use the services of a professional cleaning company at least twice a year in order to maintain your carpet in top condition. Luckily for you, nowadays there are numerous companies that offer excellent carpet cleaning services.

Now that you have gone through our article and you have learned more about the different types of carpet, the choice is yours.