11 of the worst things that you can spill on your carpet or rug

No matter what you spill on your carpet – it can cause huge damage, especially when not treated the proper right way. But there are some things that will cause greater damage than others. If these stains stay on the carpet for longer – not even a cleaning company will be able to remove them.

  • Red Wine and Grape Juice
    Red wine can cause great damage to a carpet. It’s hard to remove, it’s acidic. For the lighter carpets – it’s even worse. But it’s not impossible to be removed. Try to blot the stain (immediately after you spill the wine) with a cloth and pour club soda on it. If this doesn’t work – try the baking soda and scrub the stain until you get rid of it.
    Grape juice is the same – a nightmare for your carpet. You need to treat the stain immediately. If not – a cleaning company can take care of your problems.
  • BloodSimilar to the wine and grape juice, blood is an enemy to your carpet. When a stain is dry is even harder to be removed – so these types of stains need to be taken care of immediately. When you wait and they dry you have less of a chance to remove them.
  • Bleach
    Usually, using bleach to remove stains from clothes, for example, does wonders. But once it gets on your carpet it will stain it. And bleach stains are very hard to be removed. If you spill bleach on your carpet – there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it. Be very careful where you store bleach and what are you doing with it because even the best cleaning company wouldn’t be able to remove a bleach stain. You will either need to live with the stain or replace your carpet with a brand new one.
  • Chocolate
    You do not want chocolate on your carpet for sure. Remove it as soon as it gets on the carpet because once it melts, it will be pretty hard to get rid of and it also damages the fibers.
  • Nail Polish
    Do not do your nails on your carpet. The risk of you spilling it is high and believe me, nail polish is close to impossible to be removed. You will need professional help. There are so many DIY ways to remove this problem so I guess it happens very often. But I am here to tell you – these DIY methods won’t work and they might even make everything worse.
  • Coffee
    I get that everyone starts their day with a morning coffee. But if you spill it on your carpet while you are still sleepy – it will cause huge damage. It doesn’t really matter if you spill a lot or a small amount – the damage is huge anyway. A cleaning company will be needed.
  • Tomato
    When the stain is a darker color, like the coffee, red wine, and grape juice, it is harder to be removed. When you are dealing with a tomato stain you most likely won’t be able to clean it fully. It stains the fibers very quickly. When you first stain it make sure you blot the spot and then you need to call a cleaning company.
  • Beer
    Beer will leave a stain and an odor. Even if you manage to clean the stain, this smell will still be present.
  • Ink
    The ink was obviously made to permanently stain. It’s a nightmare when the stained thing is a carpet. They are so hard to be removed as well. No doubt – you will need to contact a cleaning company.
  • Wax
    Once the wax hardens on the carpet it is hard to be removed since it sticks to the fibers. If the wax is colored – you have an even bigger problem, a colored stain. If you can’t have a cleaning company immediately come and fix the problem, try applying heat to the stain (put a clean cloth on the stain and use an iron) and dab with a solution.